New or lapsed PS Plus members can save 25% off a 12-month subscription

Sony has just put a new offer live on the PSN Store across Europe and multiple other regions (except the US – sorry) that can save new or lapsed PlayStation Plus subscribers 25 per cent off the cost of a 12-month membership.

In order to get the promo price, you simply cannot be a current PS Plus member – that includes paid memberships or if you’re currently on a trial period. So, those who have never signed up to PlayStation Plus or have a membership that expired prior to 25th August will be eligible for the discount.

PlayStation Plus: 12 Month Membership for £37.49 from the PSN Store
This 25 per cent off PS Plus deal is about the best offer we see regularly when you buy direct from Sony nowadays.

However, to save yourself a bit of extra money, you can first head to ShopTo and buy a £35 PSN Wallet top-up for £29.85. If you add those funds to your PSN account and then pay the remaining difference as normal you’ll only be spending £32.24 instead. That’s as close to the previous low of £30 we saw during the recent Days of Play promotion!

Now’s a pretty good month to get on PS Plus if you’re not at the moment as you’ll be able to get Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered and the hot new thing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout as your pair of free games. The latter has become a huge sensation after its launch at the start of the month, with news of its second season due to debut as part of this week’s Gamescom livestreams.