The network " First "consists of a federation of business oriented web sites.
For each Middle East and Gulf country, a web site is developped which presents both the country itself and the companies belonging to the main economic sectors.

All these sites are linked to each other thanks to the "mother" site from which you can access to the different participating countries.

In order to optimise the marketing impact, the subscribing companies are attractively presented on three complementary media : website, multimedia card and publication.

Ebizproduction's experimented team has acquired the skills to improve the benefits each manager can expect from new technologies. This has led us to create such an efficient network that can guide you during your company's first steps on the web or to increase your existing web sites' feed back.

The different advantages of these communication and promotion tools are explained in the following pages.

First Emirates can be split into in three media:

The First Emirates Card : the most recent multimedia medium (presented on the last page of this document)

The 1stemirates Web Site : functional, usefull, professionally indexed on all web-directories and search engines. It is already on-line at the following URL : Another example is the Lebanon devoted website :

The High Quality Publication : this "traditional" medium is obviously the best complement to the multimedia ones.

The use of the most innovative multimedia technologies allows an attractive presentation of the most representative UAE companies.

For a fast and an effective research, the companies are classified by activity.
Through these new technologies, your company gets the advantages from three complementary communication vectors. Consequently, it settles First Emirates as the ideal promotion tool for your company, whether in UAE or abroad.
Your subscription to this evolutive concept allows you a free access and an optimal broadcasting of the information related to your company.
As a matter of fact, each media reaches a specific and identified target while the concept as a whole, is targeted towards a very large audience.

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